Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septics)?

Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septic)? Besides being a family business for over a decade,why should you do business with us? We’re real people with real experience in dealing with your septic tank problems, questions, and experiences. We take our knowledge, training, and experiences with a decorated history of customers and relate them toContinue reading “Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septics)?”

Questions answered by AMC Septic Contractors own, Paul Creamer

Sometimes your questions are those that will help answer those of many and we include them when appropriate. – Southern California Septics How does rainwater affect a septic system and what can be done when it rains heavily?  so i would have to avoid grease and oil from food and cooking when i wash theContinue reading “Questions answered by AMC Septic Contractors own, Paul Creamer”

State Environmental Services – FAQ

So Cal Septics – AMC Contractors has been your local experts for septic tanks for decades, but don’t take our word for it The State of environmental Services provides us these guidelines, our experience will mimic most of their explanations as well, AMC Contractors is your Riverside County Authority on septic tanks. What are septicContinue reading “State Environmental Services – FAQ”

Monitoring your septic tank can save you thousands

These days more than ever people are spending money more wisely and working smarter to make their dollars go a little further.  So in order to extend the life of a septic system, caution should be advised in monitoring and entering its water usage as a general rule of thumb. It is also important inContinue reading “Monitoring your septic tank can save you thousands”

Managing your septic tank

Managing your septic tank – Riverside County Septic Tank Service Households that are not served by public sewers usually depend on septic tank systems to treat and dispose of waste water. A well-designed, installed, and maintained septic system can provide years of reliable low-cost service. When these systems fail to operate effectively, property damage, groundwater and surface water pollution, and disease outbreaksContinue reading “Managing your septic tank”


SEPTIC TANK NEW INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIR – Riverside septic repair  – Inland empire septics – So Cal Septic Repair AMC Contractors have been installing and repairing Septic Systems for 30 years. It’s a very painless procedure. We at AMC Contractors make sure you are not inconvenienced. During the repair or installation you are never withoutContinue reading “SEPTIC TANK NEW INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIR”