Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septics)?

Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septic)?

Besides being a family business for over a decade,why should you do business with us? We’re real people with real experience in dealing with your septic tank problems, questions, and experiences. We take our knowledge, training, and experiences with a decorated history of customers and relate them to your business. We enjoy finding solutions to your problems and finding the best solutions available and at a good price.  It doesn’t hurt making long term friendly relationships in the process. Let’s face it, any company can sell something once-but we want to maintain your business for the long run, and we want you to share your experience with others.  We count on this at AMC to cater to our neighborhoods septic services needs. We hope to accomplish that by treating you fairly, giving you the right product , and by being honest about what we can and can’t do (on the rare occasion we can’t do something for you, we’ll tell you who can).

We are proud to provide septic pumping services in Riverside, and septic services in Corona as well.  In fact we provide septic tank services to both Riverside and Orange county areas.  We have done this for over 30 years.


Monitoring your septic tank can save you thousands

These days more than ever people are spending money more wisely and working smarter to make their dollars go a little further.  So in order to extend the life of a septic system, caution should be advised in monitoring and entering its water usage as a general rule of thumb. It is also important in fixing leaking faucets and toilets, and making sure not to over load a septic tank with solid materials such as garbage or the use of garbage disposals that the system was not designed for, and regularly pumping the  tank will assure longevity in most cases.

A septic tank should not cause you problems, in  fact being educated about a septic tank can save you thousands of dollars.  If you are fortunate enough to have one of these necessary and most help technologies it is most like likely that you live in a suburban area that has no access to a municipal sewer.

It is sometimes something that can often be a forgotten aspect of many dwellings.  Unfortunately if the system does not work right it can be a very costly problem.

It has a septic systems function on the principle of bacteria breaking down all materials then it produces a flow of water into a leech field, this is often call the drain field, this is said to be absorbed in the ground.  Here are a fluent is either evaporated buzz online or absorbed into the soil where it is naturally filtered before you can reach of the underground water table.  This is crucially important in today’s Green  world.

The water table and water conservation are important for the Healthcare System.  Water usage should be kept to a minimum to assure optimum performance.

Septic system require a certain amount of meetings to function properly, and we can’t reaffirm this the most.  In fact it is probably So Cal Septics number one called service next two certifications required for purchasing a new home.

It is important to know that no of a septic tank will last forever and usage and time will eventually cause failure.  Proper maintenance we’ll add insurance to getting the most and most use of your system. So Cal Septics services the Riverside county areas.