Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septics)?

Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septic)? Besides being a family business for over a decade,why should you do business with us? We’re real people with real experience in dealing with your septic tank problems, questions, and experiences. We take our knowledge, training, and experiences with a decorated history of customers and relate them toContinue reading “Why choose AMC Contractors (Southern Cal Septics)?”

Questions answered by AMC Septic Contractors own, Paul Creamer

Sometimes your questions are those that will help answer those of many and we include them when appropriate. – Southern California Septics How does rainwater affect a septic system and what can be done when it rains heavily?  so i would have to avoid grease and oil from food and cooking when i wash theContinue reading “Questions answered by AMC Septic Contractors own, Paul Creamer”