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How does rainwater affect a septic system and what can be done when it rains heavily?  so i would have to avoid grease and oil from food and cooking when i wash the dishes after each meal???  my family has to eat.  it is impossible to avoid grease and oil from going into the septic tank, right?  i use antibacterial hand soap.  so i should avoid that and also avoid doing the laundry???  when i shower it is impossible that your hair doesn’t fall off and enter the drain.  same goes for body oil, shampoo, etc.  so i shouldn’t shower, use the dishwasher, do my laundry, and live somewhere where it never rains??  please advise before i buy a house on septic.

randall <> Time: December 11, 2013 at 3:11 am

Pertaining to rain water and your septic tank:

If there is an excessive amount of rain (7 days in a row) and the water is unable.  To run off and puddles on top of Leach-line there Is a possibility that

The rain water could perch into your leach field (check our website which explains what a leach-line is.
Pertaining to cooking grease, hair, soap, laundry detergents. The average home does not  create enough of those items to effect the performance of your septic system. If you pump every 2-5 years (maintenance). The average home should perform adequately.
Paul – AMC Septic Contractors Inc.

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