Southern California sees hottest housing market in six years, brokers warn buyers to get home and septic inspections.

Southern California sees hottest housing market in six years, brokers warn buyers to get home and septic inspections. southern_california_septic_tanks

Purchasing a home is the largest investments most people will make in their lifetime.  What cost hundreds of dollars in inspections, can save thousands of dollars in repairs.

(IJR NEWS world class standard 2/7/2013) When any housing market changes  from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market, tradition has shown buyers tend to let their guards down and realtors tend to forget due diligence basics.  California Septic Contractors and California Association of Realtors advise home buyers to get inspections.

When purchasing a home with unknown problems, termite and septic repairs take home highest cost honors, however these can be avoided.  Certified inspections can take the ease off the home buyer and the realtor, as long as both parties stress its importance.  However, “closing the deal” and “getting the house” can often cloud the inspection protocols. Many real estate agents do there due diligence and make the purchaser aware if a home has a Septic System and also will point out the importance of all home inspections, but there are always going to be professionals that don’t adhere to these industry standards. Although these disclosures are required by CAR and NAR, there is little enforcement requirements.

IJR News contacted a prominent and well-established Southern California Broker, First Team Estates, and spoke to their senior compliance auditor and associate broker, Roxana Greenman.  Greenman, who holds a Aeronautical and Astrological Engineering Ph.D. from Stanford University told us this, ” A general home inspection report shall identify, in written format, defects within specific systems and components defined by these Standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector.  Inspection reports may include additional comments and recommendations. Home buyers should be aware that there are limitations, exceptions, and exclusions of these inspection but I always recommended my buyers to get any and all inspections they can prior to purchasing a home.”

“Although I have many instances that would alarm most people, I recently had one of my top sewer inspectors tell me he met some new homeowners that were never told they had a septic system.  I can only imagine the horror they experienced,  not understanding fully what they had lurking under the ground.  This is why it is important to team with good inspectors that help educate my buyers on the basic and clear guidelines on the inspection, repair and care of a septic system in this case. This way they can explain and prepare any potential buyer who plans on purchasing a home with a Septic System.  I also advise having the homes inspector and the agent walking the clients through the inspection process.  The new buyer should always be present at the time of inspection. This way the inspector can explain step by step the process taken by the professional  to test all aspects of the inspection or in this case the septic System.”

“Once the inspection has been completed. The contractor will advise the buyer via report of the findings, and at that time it is up to the buyer and to decide the next step. Many times this makes or breaks a deal if the cost are significant and also how motivated each party is always plays a role.”

IJR News recommends that BUYER BEWARE.   New Homeowners need to be aware of how to care and maintain their new homes, in particular septic systems or other expensive failures can result. So when purchasing a home make sure to ask your agent to recommend every inspection they feel pertains to the home at hand.

By Mike Gingino -Editor In Chief -IJR News

referencesSales of new and previously owned houses and condominiums rose to 16,058 properties in January from 14,523 a year ago, said La Jolla-based DataQuick. Last month’s total was the highest for a January since 18,128 sales in January 2007.

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